What Ottawa is Talking About – 3 March 2022

3 March 2022

▪️A Provincially-appointed member of the Ottawa Police Services Board attended the Trucker siege and is accused of supplying food to them. Robert Swaita, who owns KS on the Keys, has not denied the accusations. As a result, the Office of the Solicitor General has accepted the resignation of all three Provincial appointees. Replacements have not be announced. [CBC]

+ Related This Hour Has 22 Minutes has done a musical parody of the Trucker siege. It's not funny and no one can sing but ... hmmm, we can't quite remember why we wanted to include it. Completeness, maybe?

▪️Truck owners who lost their operating permit for using their vehicle in the Siege were only penalized for a week. Most observers though that it was a permanent penalty but no, truckers lost access to their vehicle for less time than it was actually used to block the streets. The Provincial Ministry of Transportation are the ones who made this decision. [CBC]

▪️The bail hearing appeal for Siege co-organizer Tamara Lich heard that the previous judge had run for a Federal LIberal seat in the past. By contrast, the judge hearing this appeal had previously run for the the Progressive Conservatives. Both judges ran their losing electoral tries before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because Liberal leader in 2013. Lich was appealing a ruling that she be held in custody until her trial, which may take to two years. The appeal judge will make a decision next week. [Q107 

▪️House prices in Ottawa gained 17 per cent in February over the same month in 2021. The average house price in February was $837,517, up from 717,914 one year previous. [CTV

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