What Ottawa is Talking About – 3 August 2021

3 August 2021

▪️ Here's a common story: local restaurants complaining that they can't find workers and blaming the existence of the Canada Recovery Benefit for preventing a desperate enough pool of workers. But here's a fun thing to do: run the businesses name through Canada Revenue Agency's Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy search page. You will often find that the same managers who complain that their potential workers are taking money from the government are themselves having their wages subsidized. In this story, it looks like two out of three businesses have used the Wage Subsidy – we couldn't determine the corporate name of the third one.  [CBC]

▪️ The Patterson Creek Park bistro has opened. The National Capital Commission-run restaurant serves up coffee and gelato to people in the popular park and ire to the neighbours, who prefered having no services for the public in their neighbourhood park. [CBC]

▪️The proposals for the new Civic hospital campus don't actually include access to the O Train. The Dow’s Lake Station is being prepared to be redeveloped but does not include a Civic campus connection. Nor have the developers of the campus included connections to the line in their proposals. The issue is money, of course. Whomever makes the proposal will probably have to pay for the connection – so no one includes it. [Ottawa Citizen

▪️Red Bird, a new music venue for Americana music, is opening in Old Ottawa South. Owned by musician Geoff Cass, a member of local folk band Gentlemen of the Woods, Red Bird is scheduled to open October 1 at 1165  Bank Street. Cass says a local coffee shop will expand into the space during the daytime. [Apartment 613

▪️Ottawa Public Library librarian Allison Hall-Murphy lists her top summer book picks — all written by local authors. [CBC]

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