What Ottawa is Talking About – 28 October 2021

28 October 2021

▪️The Official Plan of Ottawa has been voted into existence by City Council. The stated goal of the plan to to guide development of Ottawa over the next 25 years into ‘the most livable mid-sized city in North America’ and one where residents are a 15-minute walk from groceries, schools and transit. A least residents in new developments would be. The Official Plan does have one more hurdle – approval by the Provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs. [CBC] [The Plan]

▪️Orleans MPP Stephen Blais wants the City to give Hwy. 174 to the Province. Blais says the East End route has cost the City $40 million to maintain after the Province gave it over in the 1990s. The Progressive Conservative Party made returning it to provincial ownership part of their electoral platform in 2014. [CTV]

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