What Ottawa is Talking About – 28 March 2022

28 March 2022

▪️Ottawa Police detective who opposed COVID-19 mandates suspended for checking if parents were vaccinated in child death cases. Detective Helen Grus, who was on the child abuse investigation squad, is alleged to view files of cases that she was not the investigation officer and then, allegedly, contacting the coroner's office for parent's vaccine status. Grus was one of the 10 Ottawa Police Service officers suspended without pay for being vaccinated. [CBC]

▪️Residents were upset over the Ottawa Police Tweet that said ‘Counter-protests are hindering the safe flow of traffic and putting public safety at risk’ while the escorted another Trucker convoy downtown Saturday. 300 vehicles, almost all from Quebéc, took part. [CTV] [Police Tweet]

▪️Campaigning housing organization ACORN is appealing the City's decision to destroy hundreds of low-rent housing at HerongateHundreds of renters have been evicted from Herongate so far as the owners redevelop the old but affordable apartments into units that will rent for $2725 per month. ACORN is appealing the City's approval to the Ontario Land Tribunal, which has the power to over turn municipal decisions. [Capital Current]

▪️Flixbus has entered the Ottawa – Toronto coach business. The well-known German bus operator will run one trip each way per day, startingl April 7. [CTV] [Flixbus]

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