What Ottawa is Talking About – 27 September 2021

27 September 2021

▪️City proposes that the Tewin developer should pay for new transit infrastruction and utilities. City staff have drawn up a proposed agreement for the new subdivision in Ottawa's rural southeast that will require the developers to levy a surcharge on development. When the subdivison was approved, critics complained that the City would be on the hook for water, sewer, and transit improvements in the largely undeveloped area. The developers – Taggart and the Algonquins of Ontario – have yet to accept the proposal. [CBC]

▪️Six wards may get new names. Last year's redrawing of ward boundaries added a new ward and resized others. The name changes are to better reflect where the wards represent:

  • Barrhaven becomes Barrhaven West
  • Orléans becomes Orléans East-Cumberland.
  • Innes becomes Orléans West-Innes.
  • Cumberland becames Orléans South-Navan.
  • Gloucester-South Nepean becomes Riverside South-Findlay Creek.
  • Rideau-Goulbourn ward, which was named after a 19th century slave owner, becomes Rideau-Jock. 

The newest ward would be named Barrhaven East.

The finance and economic development committee will discuss the name changes at their meeting October 5. 


▪️Kin Vinyards are renting three vintage Airstream trailers for nightly stays. [CTV] [Vintage Hideaway]

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