What Ottawa is Talking About – 26 November 2021

26 November 2021

▪️The woman who was charged with impersonating a nurse in Ottawa during the summer has just been arrested for doing the same thing in Vancouver. Brigitte Cleroux was found impersonating a nurse at BC Women’s Hospital. Cleroux has a 30-year record of impersonating professionals including nurses and teachers. [CBC]

▪️The National Capital Commission is looking for public comment on a new Alexandra Bridge. The Commission is planning on replacing the 120 year-old bridge with something new that will be half automobiles, half pedestrian and cycles but include no transit. And it's a form, so they are serious about your input. [National Capital Commission] [The Survey]

+ Related Heritage Ottawa doesn't think that the Alexandra Bridge needs replacing

▪️The City’s planning committee vote to cap buildings on Bank Street in the Glebe at four storeys. Additionally, windows and facades should match the other buildings. Taller and uglier buildings will be permitted in the streets behind Bank Street. [CBC]

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