What Ottawa is Talking About – 25 February 2022

25 February 2022

▪️City staff are proposing that the October civic election include mail-in ballots. The City used mail-in ballots for the first time during the Cumberland ward by-election due to COVID-19 concerns. In person voting would still occur if the proposal is accepted by City Council. [CityNews]

▪️The City’s Office of the Auditor General is creating a visual separation from Ottawa. This includes its own logo and its own independent website. The idea is to create an aura of independence from the City administration, whose conduct the Auditor General is to watch. [Ottawa Bulldog]

▪️Suspended Deputy Police Chief Uday Jaswal has resigned from the service. Jaswal had been suspended with pay in 2020 after being accused of sexually harassing three police service employees. He was scheduled to appear before a disciplinary hearing on Monday but as he is no longer a police officer, the hearing has been cancelled. The rules allow a suspended officer to be paid all the way up to their hearing. [CBC

▪️Ottawa Police have published the pictures of two people suspected of being involved in an assualt during the Trucker seige. If you recognize them, the police would like a call.  [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Ottawa Police have also released a photo of a car, related to a sex assualt in Vanier. It's a BMW with a car seat. The suspect is a 200 lb white male with a red beard. If you recognize the car, the police would like a call on this, as well. [Ottawa Citizen]

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