What Ottawa is Talking About – 22 July 2021

22 July 2021

▪️ Mayor Jim Watson is writing a letter to the provincial government, asking that the overdose crises be declared a public health emergency. Ottawa averages around 60 overdose visits to the emergency roomeach month. Councillor Catherine McKenney is in favour of the letter, saying people can only get better if they are allive. Councillor Rick Chiarelli, presumably shouting from the naughty step, says that declaring an emergency is trendy and not looking at how it will actually solve the problem. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The Province tells the City to double check that the new Tewin project actually meets it's own planning policies. The Tenwin project is a planned new subdivision in rural southwest Ottawa, far from transit, highways, and municipal services. Mayor Jim Watson said at the time that it was approved because it would help with aboriginal reconciliation, as the property is owned by the Algonquins of Ontario. The Province has sent 33 comments to the City, including asking how the rural area is part of the '15 minute walkable city' idea and noting that it is far from provincially funded rapid transit. [CBC]

▪️CFRA has calculated how many tickets Ottawa’s speed camera produce, and the fines that they bring in: 

  1. Bayshore Drive near 50 Bayshore Drive – 17,475 tickets ($799,685.50 in revenue)
  2. Katimavik Road between Castlefrank Road and McGibbon Drive – 15,136 tickets ($845,565.50 in revenue)
  3. Ogilvie Road between Appleford Street and Elmlea Gate – 13,471 tickets ($591,613 in revenue)
  4. Smyth Road between Haig Drive and Edgecomb Street – 13,286 tickets ($632,284.50 in revenue)
  5. Meadowlands Drive West between Winthrow Avenue and Thatcher Street – 10,892 tickets ($567,896 in revenue)
  6. Innes Road between Provence Avenue and Trim Road – 8,704 tickets ($690,718 in revenue)
  7. Longfields Drive, between Highbury Park Drive and Via Verona Avenue – 6,829 tickets ($294,151 in revenue)
  8. Watters Drive, between Charlemagne Boulevard and Roberval Avenue – 4,502 tickets ($197,915.50)


▪️Former soccer team owner who appealed a lawsuit loss by claiming his lawyer was ineffective, loses the appeal – represented by the same lawyer, who argued that he was ineffective. The owner of The Ottawa Wizards sued various leagues in 2004 over myriad matters that aren't nearly as compelling. In the end, the judge ruled that the lawyer was indeed effective and therefore, must lose the case. [Law Times News]

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