Wednesday December 22, 2021

What Ottawa is Talking About – 22 December 2021

▪️Removing the canopy at Westboro Station that contributed to three people losing their lives in a bus crash is 'not cost efficient' . A third-party review of the station says the another crash into the canopy would be a one-in-250-years event. The same review said that reducing speeds of buses at the station would be ‘unreasonably low’. The entire station will be closed and refitted for use with the O Train expansion in 2022. [CBC]

+ Related The City's auditor general has put her investigation into the O-Train problems on hold while the Province conducts its own inquiry. Auditor General Nathalie Gougeon says the two audits are covering the same ground.

▪️The City is looking to regulate the reversing 'beep beep' sound from vehicles doing muncipal work. Apparently, this is considered annoying by some people as the vehicles work at night, especially with snow removing. The proposal is to replace the ‘beep beep’ with something not as noticeable. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The National Capital Commission has approved a new dock has  on an old steamboard landing. The Hill Docks, on the Ottawa River below Major’s Hill Park, will welcome boaters who have come down the Rideau Canal to stay overnight and see the City. The Docks will also allow local boat owners to to have access to the water. The facility will be run by private operators. [Capital Current]

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