Tuesday September 21, 2021

What Ottawa is Talking About – 21 September 2021

▪️The Confederation Line may be closed for as long as three weeks. The Transportation Safety Board is now looking at Sunday's derailment of an O-Train, which seems to be a broken sanding unit. The sanding unit literally spreads sand on the tracks when it is icy. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The City is looking for the public's opinions on the budget. And they are serious – they have created a form. The survey asks for the priorities of citizens to compare if it is the same as the priorities of staff. City Council will make the decision November 3. [City of Ottawa] [The Survey]

▪️The water quality in Ottawa remains excellent, say experts. Every year, the City commissions a report on water quality. Drink up, it's all good. [City of Ottawa] [The Report]

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