Wednesday October 20, 2021

What Ottawa is Talking About – 20 October 2021

▪️The City’s finance and economic development committee has agreed to pay an extra $65 million to build Ādisōke. Building material costs have jacked up the budget of the new main Ottawa Public Library/Library and Archives Canada building, to be split between the City and the Federal government. The Federal government has already approved their bit, the City says that it will spread the costs over 40 years instead of 20 to pay for it. The full council must approve the decision October 27. [CBC]

▪️Ontario is buying enough flu shots for entire population. Usually, the annual jab is free only for seniors, children between six months and four years old, pregnant women, and other individuals at high risk of flu complications . Last year was the first time that the flu shot was available to anyone that wanted one but the Province did not have enough vaccine to go around. [CBC]

▪️The Transportation Safety Board will be keeping their investigations secret, unless they choose to release information. The City had requested to the Board that information about the Confederation Line derailment could be made public after media requests. The Board says that its stance is the best way to remain neutral in its investigations and gain the support of all parties involved in a crash. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Ottawa trainers are finding that dogs are stressing out as people go back to work. They say that dogs are getting separation anxiety after 18 months of spending time together. There are no reports of similar anxiety from cats who, we assume, are drumming their claws impatiently, waiting for us to clear out. [Capital Current]

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