What Ottawa is Talking About – 2 December 2021

2 December 2021

▪️The CitySounds playlist for 2022 has been released. Every year, the City solicits music from local artists to be played as City Hall's hold music. The playlist is also available on Soundcloud. [City of Ottawa] [SoundCloud]

▪️Cyclist-threatening red lights will remain, says City transportation committee. Kitchissippi ward councillor Jeff Leiper asked the committee to remove the 1,200 ‘red revert’ stop lights, which are seen as dangerous to cyclists. ‘Red revert’ stop lights are triggered by cars or bikes, stopping the perpendicular traffic. But if a bike moves off the trigger too soon, the light turns green, potentially leaving the cyclist in the middle of oncoming traffic. The intended purpose is to reduce wait times for cars. The transportation committee voted against changing the lights. [CBC]

▪️A coalition of American textbook publishers has sued local mom and pop business Shopify for piracy. The publishers are accusing Shopify of facilitating the reproduction and copying of their books by others, and are looking for US $150,000 for each book sold and US $2,000,000 for each copyright infringed. The suit was filed in Virginia, as mom and pop located their servers there. [BNN Bloomberg

▪️Ottawa's City Clerk will decide in mid-January if City Council will meet again in person. Council has met virtually since Spring 2020. [CTV]

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