Monday July 19, 2021

What Ottawa is Talking About – 19 July 2021

▪️ Residents hate a floating campground operated by a local marina. Ozile's Marina at Petrie Island in Orléans has taken ice fishing cabins used in the winter and put them on floats. Neighbours are not amused. [CBC]

▪️The City has ordered the words ‘We can't help everyone. But everyone can help someone’ removed from Hijinx. The vintage store and hub for homeless people had the message painted earlier. The City says the property owner needs to apply for a residential mural permit or it must come down. [CBC]

▪️Capital ward councillor Shawn Menard is the only applicant for new planning committee member. The position was opened when councillor Jan Harder resigned after a critical report from the integrity commissioner. Menard (Not Shawn Mendes! Not Shawn Mendes!) is not guaranteed the position, even though he's the only declared candidate. The Planning Committee is probably the City's most powerful committees, charged with determing what is – or is not – developed in the City [CBC]

▪️Porter Airlines has purchased jets to fly from Ottawa to new Canadian and US destinations. The airline is one of the first customers of the Embraer E195-E2 jet, which have greater distances than Porter's current fleet of propeller-based planes. Porter has not yet announced which cities into which it will expand. [Ottawa Business Journal]

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