What Ottawa is Talking About – 17 September 2021

17 September 2021

▪️The Ottawa Police wants to know what you think their priorities are. They ask about crime rates, where their priorities should lie, and even if they should be defunded. It's pretty comphrehensive. And they must be taking it seriously because they have created a form! [Ottawa Police]

▪️The lack of school bus drivers has led to route cancellations – mostly in West Carleton and Kanata. The chair of the Ottawa transit commission wants to know why. Eighty-one per cent of the school bus route cuts have been in the West End. [CityNews]

▪️Electric unicycles are now a thing on Ottawa streets. Although, in a work of bureaucratic beauty, one-wheeled electric scooters are banned although their two-wheeled cousins are not. [CTV]

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