Monday March 14, 2022

What Ottawa is Talking About – 14 March 2022

▪️The National Capital Commission is appealing its embassy row denial. The Commission wants to develop five new embassies in Mechanicsville on vacant lots. Neighbours complained, desiring the chainlinked properties to remain empty. City Council agreed with the neighbours, despite the plan being approved by the City's Planning Committee. The Commssion has now appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal, which is not controlled by the City. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The Province is interviewing candidates for the Ottawa Police Services Board. The three Provincial appointees to the Board resigned after one member, Robert Swaita, was accused of supporting the Trucker siege. The Board currently cannot meet as it has only the three City-appointed members. [iPolitics (Free to read but requires registration)]

▪️The City of Ottawa has rejected taking part in a new steam recycling garbage plant in McNab/Braeside. The private company says their system does not require separating recycling from garbage; steam breaks recycling to fibres and the rest is burned for energy. [CTV]

▪️Urbsite has published a detailed history of the construction of the Connaught building. [Urbsite

▪️The Globe & Mail has a story on the planned housing development on LeBreton Flats. Nothing that we don't already know but a good round-up of the entire LeBreton project. [Globe & Mail

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