Tuesday January 11, 2022

What Ottawa is Talking About – 11 January 2022

▪️The Ottawa Winter Jazz Fest has been cancelled for obvious reasons. The Fest was back on for the January 28-29 and February 3-5 weekends but is now cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Ticket holders can use them for the Summer Festival or request a refund. [CityNews]

▪️The City has launched a website for the public to comment on planned sidewalks and bike lanes. We're not 100% sure that we have not run this before – we can't find it  – and we think we would have noticed because the website looks like it's from the 90s. Our feeling is when the City does websites like this, the decisions have already been made but since they are required to get public input they make responding as unappealing as possible.  [City of Ottawa]

▪️Horizon Ottawa wants the City and Ottawa Public Health to request the return of the eviction moritorum by the Province. The housing advocates say that is wrong to allow evictions during a stay-at-home order. Homelessness has rises 70 per cent since the pandemic began. [Horizon Ottawa]

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