What Ottawa is Talking About - 11 August 2021

11 August 2021

▪️The City is looking for a ‘substantial’ deduction from the company that operates the Confederation Line. The pays a monthly maintenance payment to Rideau Transit Maintenance but as the line has been shut since the weekend after a derailment of an out-of-service carriage, the City wants a discount. The Federal Transportation Safety Board has also announced that they will be investigating the issue. [Ottawa Citizen

▪️Kanata North councillor Jenna Sudds says that she will take a leave of absence if a federal election is called. Sudds, who is the nominee for the Kanata-Carleton riding, says that she will not take her City salary either. A Federal election is rumoured to be imminent but is not scheduled until October 2023. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️ Murderous bus driver lovers found guilty. The two OC Transpo drivers murdered one of the pair's wife in 2014 as she recovered from surgery, not expecting her to fight back. The duo have received life sentences. [Ottawa Citizen]

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