Thursday February 10, 2022

What Ottawa is Talking About – 10 February 2022

▪️The new elementary school in Stittsville has now had its attendance boundary setFernbank Elementary School will open in 2023, and students who would normally attend St. Martin de Porres, Holy Spirit, and Guardian Angels elementary schools in 2023, and live in the new boundary, will now go to Fernbank. Students will get to choose whether they go to Sacred Heart or Holy Trinity for grades seven to twelve. [Stittsville Central] [The New Boundary]

▪️The City has proposed renaming some community amenities after local people and want your input. They are:

  • Riverchase Park, located at 570 Winterset Road, “Lyndon Hooper Park”
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park, located at 288 Chapel Street, the “Cindy Mitchell Park”
  • The Rideau Library Branch Program Room, located at 377 Rideau Street, “Daniel Poliquin Program Room”
  • The Parkdale Park community stage, located at 366 Parkdale Avenue, “Pat MacLeod Community Stage”
  • Tillbury Park, located at 725 Sherbourne Road, “David Shentow Park”
  • The cricket pitch within Lynda Lane Park, located at 580 Smyth Road, “Jim Siew Cricket Pitch”

The City is asking via an online form, so as we know, it is taking public views seriously.  [City of Ottawa] [Biographies] [The Form]

▪️The Rideau Canal skateway is closed at the moment due to the mild weather. The tempature is expected to stay mild until Saturday, when it will drop to -19. [CTV]

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