What Ottawa is Talking About – 10 August 2021

10 August 2021

▪️The City is considering changing the way it charges for garbage and wants your opinion. Door #1 is a households get a set number of bags and must purchase extra ones. Recycling and organics would remain free. Door #2 is is households have a set number of bags and nothing above that will be collected at any price. Door #3 is all garbage is in plastic bags, recycling and organics would not be allowed in those bags. And as you know, the City is taking this seriously because they have made a form. [City of Ottawa

▪️In a memo, the General Manager for Transit does not know when the Confederation Line will be running again. The line has been closed since Saturday when a single set of wheels derailed on an out of service train. [Bulldog Ottawa]

▪️ Kanata city councillor and deputy mayor Jenna Sudds is the new Liberal candidate for the federal riding of Kanata–Carleton. Liberal MP Karen McCrimmon announced that she would not run again in the riding, citing health reasons. [CBC]

▪️ A pet lizard has been found in Stittsville. Anyone with information is asked to call the Ottawa Humane Society and keep it far away from the ottawan. [Ottawa Citizen]

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