What Ottawa is talking about – 6 December 2021

6 December 2021

▪️Canada Post has released their shipping dates for posting gifts and cards from Ottawa. You have until the 20th for local parcels but get your prezzies off to Vancouver or Halifax by this Thursday. Christmas cards should make it across town if you post by the 21st but your cousins in Come-by-Chance and Spuzzum will need a post date of the 17th. International packages: you're probably too late for the cheap stuff but Priority Post needs can go until the 15th. [CTV]

▪️Six cases related to Legionnaires disease have been found in the Outaouais. The bacteria legionellosis has made six people sick but, no known common source has yet been found. The health authority says that cases are found every year, so a common source may not be the cause. [CBC]

▪️The Bulldog has some great questions to which the commissioner of the public inquiry into the Light Rapid Transit system should get answers. Questions like, ’Is there now a complete record of the downtown land purchases for the line and has it been released to the public?’ and ‘Why did a subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin get the contract for the Trilium Line when it failed the technical standards for the plan twice and the committee scrutinizing the bids said SNC’s company should not get the contract?’ [Bulldog Ottawa]

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