What Ottawa is Talking About – 26 July 2021

26 July 2021

▪️ Passenger rights campaigner says Air Transat got off too easy on Ottawa airpot swelter fest. Five hundred and ninety passengers were stuck in a hot day for nearly five hours on July 31, 2017 with limited water, food, and toilet paper. Air Transat eventually paid most passengers $500 compensation. Later, a judge allowed that money – $240,000 – to be applied against the $295,000 Transport Canada fine leveled against the airline. Campaigners say Air Transay should pay the full fine. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️ Susan Sherring at the Sun gives a run down of who are the front runners if Mayor Jim Watson put himself up for another term. Gloucester-Southgate councillor Diane Deans is Sherring's stone cold lock. Watson has not said whether he is running again or not. [Ottawa Sun]

▪️The Debout! Light Trail has launched in Gatineau. Every evening in Portage Park, from 8:30pm, large spheres are illuminated with shadow theatre. It looks pretty trippy. Debout! continues until September 6. [Le Droit

▪️ Beware of insulin shock: here's a look at a few couples who have put padlocks of love on the Corktown Footbridge. [CBC]

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