What Ottawa is Talking About – 19 August 2021

19 August 2021

▪️It now turns out that 10 O Train cars needed their axels repaired. The system has only 39 cars, making 25 per cent of the trains needing repairs. An out-of-service O Train derailed last week due to a problem with ball bearings. [CBC

▪️The Canadian Nurses Association wants to redevelop their Lewis Street and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway headquarters into residental flats. The redevelopment would keep the facade of the building, designed in the mid-60s by James Strutt. There is no word on to where the nurses association would relocate. [Ottawa Business Journal]

▪️Ontario's Ministry of Transportation​​​​​​​ remove a ‘guerilla garden’ from where the Nicholas Street on-ramp joins westbound lanes of Highway 417. The National Capital Commission had made the complaint to the Minstry, stating that the food there would be contaminated as it was a former landfill. The guerilla gardeners – who did not otherwise have the right to use the land – grew 160 kilograms of harvest, which was shared between neighbours and food banks. [CBC]

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