Monday October 18, 2021

What Ottawa is Talking About – 18 October 2021

▪️The pandemic has seen the number of  homeless – and precariously housed – people rise. The number of homeless people in Ottawa rose to 225 people in October 2020, before dropping to 150 people today. Pre-pandemic, that number was 90 people living on the streets. [Capital Current]

▪️Help Apartment 613 discover which part of Ottawa is the most linguistically diverse neighbourhood. We're curious, too. And it's a form, so it's easy to complete. [Apartment 613]

▪️If you ever wanted to be an Ottawa City Councillor by the back door, your chance is here. The City will appoint a new councillor to represent Kanata North rather than have a by-election, and applications are being taken soon. If you are interested, complete the forms, then make an appointment with the City Clerk between the 25th and the 29th to drop them off. Assuming you have dotted your i's and crossed your t's, the full council will grill you on November 15, annoiting the new councillor later that night. You don't need to be a Kanata North resident but you do need to be at least 18 years old, a citizen, and either a resident of Ottawa or own a piece of land in Ottawa or be the  spouse of an owner of a piece of land in Ottawa. Good luck! We're rooting for you! [City of Ottawa]

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