What Ottawa is Talking About – 15 March 2022

15 March 2022

▪️Gatineau speedster receives $6,000 in fines. The 22 year-old was driving 70 km/h over the 90 km/h limit in Luskville and attempted to evade police. The driver was arrested and the car impounded. The car does not belong to him. [CityNews]

▪️A group that is concerned that wind turbines may be built in West Ottawa is still concerned. Ottawa Wind Concerns, which put up hundreds of ‘Stop the Ottawa Wind Turbines’ signs over the past year is still suspicious that the City is trying to put one over them and put up 700 secret windmills.. [Ottawa Wind Concerns]

▪️Radio Canada has made a facinating interactive map that shows how urban sprawl has expanded in Ottawa over the past 20 years. They include Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal and others as well. [Radio Canada]

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