What Ottawa is Talking About – 1 March 2022

1 March 2022

▪️The City is again searching for local musicians to play on its hold music. Every year, the City picks 35 songs by local artists for residents to listen to while they are on hold with the City. [City of Ottawa] [Current music and application]

▪️The Treasury Board has told the department heads of Federal workplaces to start bring back civil servants to the office. It will be up the head of each workplace to decide when is appropriate. Unions have polled their members and around 50 per want to work from home all the time.  [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️A court orders money and cryptocurrency donated to the truckers to be held in escrow. The residents who are planning a class action case against the Trucker siegers convinced the Ontario Superior Court to freeze the money before it could be distributed to the protestors. The money would go to the class action if they win. [CBC

▪️Ontario has extended emergency powers to police to clear anti-COVID-19 blockade. The authority to clear the blockades was granted during the Provincial State of Emergency, which has now ended. The authority gives police the power to revoke vehicle licences or issue tickets of $100,000. [CBC]

▪️One O-Train hit another O-train on Line 1 yesterday outside of regular hours. No one was hurt. [Ottawa Bulldog]

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