What Ottawa is Taking About – 15 December 2021

15 December 2021

▪️The Western Québec School Board said that it did not know a teacher wore a hijab when it hired her. The teacher was removed from the classroom and given other duties as a result of Bill 21, which does not permit the wearing of religious items by some high profile government workers. [CBC]

+ Related Students of the teacher and their parents are protesting her removal from her classroom

▪️Staff recommend that the City buy 14 acres of CP Rail land next to the Trillium Line train depot. The City has already leased 8.5 acres of the land since 2001 for train maintenance use. Buying the full 14 acres would cost $6 million and come from money the City has already earmarked to buy disused railway rights-of-way. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️This house in New Edinburgh is not allowed to have windows near the property line, so the architects use various tricks to bring the light inside. The story says that building codes won't allow it – we're not quite sure what they are trying to say. Maybe that the windows can't overlook the neighbours because it is set so far back? [Toronto Star]

▪️Ottawa Tourism is asking your opinion about living, working and playing in Ottawa. It's a form! [Ottawa Tourism]

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