Friday May 6, 2022

Stats - 6 May 2022

Weather: ?️ Clearing. High of 17°, low of 2°. 

Number: 45.8 per cent. The number of people in Ottawa who are working from home. [CTV

Ottawan of the Day: Princess Margriet of the Netherlands. Margriet will pay a visit to her hometown for five days next week. One event will be the planting of tulips at Stornaway, now the home of the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition (Candice Bergen), but also the home of the Dutch royal family in their exile during the Second World War. Famously, the Canadian government turned over a floor of the Ottawa Hospital to the Dutch government in 1943 so she would be born as a Netherlands citizen. We can only assume that her birth certificate reads, Ottawa, The Netherlands. [Ottawa Citizen]

Quote: ‘Member are saying it costs too much to go to work’ – Mike Gallagher, business manager of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 793. Local 793 is on strike for improved wages, rejecting an $8 per hour increase. The strike has stopped construction on any project that uses a crane. [Ottawa Citizen]

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