Friday November 26, 2021

Stats – 26 November 2021

Weather: ❄️ Snow or rain. High of 2°, low of -8°

Number: Four. The number of electric buses that the City will be operating in 2022. The 40-foot buses have the same capacity of existing buses and can travel 250 km on a charge. The charge itself will take five hours. 74 more electric buses will join in 2023. [City of Ottawa]

Ottawan of the Day: Andy Akangah. The artist and streetwear designer is becoming known for creating comic-and-amime style images featuring Drake and The Weeknd. [Complex] [Akarts]

Quote: ‘We have a vision of what we want our community to be and this just doesn’t fit. We want wide sidewalks with lots of pedestrian activity and businesses that create that activity – Marjorie Shaver-Jones, president of the Copeland Park Community Alliance.  Shaver-Jones was disappointed with province’s land tribunal  which overturned a decision rejecting a Dymon storage facility on Clyde Avenue. [Ottawa Citizen]

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