Thursday February 10, 2022

Stats – 10 February 2022

Weather: ❄️ 40% chance of flurries or rain showers. High of 4°, low of -4°. 

Number: 4th. Where Ottawa-Gatineau places on the list of largest metropolitan areas in Canada, according to the most recent census. The population is now 1,488,307, pushing Calgary to fifth place, and putting us back to our rightful spot of number four. Not that we need to say it, but 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver. [Ottawa Citizen] [Canadian Business]

Ottawans of the Day:  Justice Mahmud Jamal , Supreme Court of Canada; Marc-André Langlois, molecular virologist at the University of Ottawa; Tobias Lütke, CEO and co-founder of mom and pop business Shopify; Mary Simon, Governor General; Mark Carney, former head of the Bank of Canada; David Vigneault, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service; Fatemeh Anvari, Chelsea teacher who was removed for wearing a hijab; Ashley Burke, CBC. 

These eight were included on Maclean’s magazine's Top 50 Power List in Canada. 

There were several other people who spend their nights in Ottawa, such as party leaders and MPs, but we went with only those who legitimately call Ottawa (and Chelsea) home. Mary Simon, as you should recall, merely moved across town to take the Governor General post, from Manotick to New Edinburgh. [Maclean’s

Quote: ‘By eliminating the sale of this product, it is estimated that the timelines to achieve the MVC would be extended by an additional year once the volume of sales on the remaining products returns to pre-pandemic levels’ – the clear and simple words City Hall staff used in a report to the Community and Protective Services Committee. What it means, translated, is that the City signed a contract that was overly favourable to the Coca Cola Company to provide vending machine services. Even though the contract was to end in 2016, the contract had an 'items sold' stipulation, meaning that the contract goes on.  As of yesterday, 22,688 cases of Coca Cola products need to be sold to end the contract. Staff says that will take an extra year because the City doesn't want water sold in bottles , as the buildings have taps. Bottled water will be replaced with bottled other fluids in the machines.  [CTV]

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