Tuesday March 22, 2022

Stats – 22 March 2022

Weather: ☀️ Sunny. High of 4°, low of -8°. 

Number: 468. The new area code for Gatineau and points west in Quebéc. Anyone that would previously have received an 819 or 873 number may get a 468 instead. The new area code will start in October. [Montreal Gazette]

Ottawan of the Day: Catherine Kitts. The Cumberland ward councillor will visit the City Council chamber for the very first time since being winning a byelection in 2020. City Hall had been closed since March 2020 and the council chambers reopen for the first time since then tomorrow. [CBC]

Quote: ‘Honestly, rooting for the Sens could easily be a top 5 worst decision I’ve ever made. I’m from [we're deleting F word so we don't get put into spam] Kansas, USA. Why did my dumb ass decide to cheer for a team in Ottawa Canada 15+ years ago? I was a child. I did not know better?’ – Ottawa Senators fan Kale Baire, who lives in Ashland, Kansas (pop. 900). He chose the Sens to root for at age 11 because he had never heard of them before.  [CBC] [Tweet]

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