Monday October 4, 2021

Live Here – 4 October 2021

Three Victorian houses and one built in 1950

108 Strathcona Avenue, The Glebe

2 bed + 2 bath

Half a duplex,  a block from the canal with a front-facing balcony.


26 Rideau Terrace, New Edinburgh

9 bed + 7 bath

But all those bedrooms and bathrooms are split over three units. 


422 Donald B Munro Drive, Carp

8 bed  + 3 bath

This one really does have eight bedrooms, smack dab in the centre of the village.


925 Bayview Drive, Constance Bay

3 bed + 1 bath

Does it have Victorian charm? No. Does it have more than one bathroom? No. 

What does it have going for it?


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