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It’s Day Two for CERB applications, open to those born in April, May, and June. 300,000 people have already applied.

The rules seem quite liberal. If you were working up anytime in the past year making the princely sum of $5,000 but haven’t worked since March 11, you should qualify.

But the choice of the Government to limit assistance to workers rather than cut a cheque to all Canadians has left millions with no support at all. Anyone who has taken on any paid work whatsoever will be denied. Students who plan to take on post-study jobs are left out, as well.

Artists and musicians generally live lives of feast and famine but some benefit from a regular, tiny royalty cheque. And that may be enough to disqualify them.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau said during his daily news conference that he understood that there were wide gaps in coverage and that they would be fixed, in particular people who work fewer than 10 hours per week and home care workers who would be better off financially if they stayed home.

To help widen the support, a letter to your MP wouldn’t go amiss. You could always send an email but you have time, and letter writing is such a lost art.

We’ll see you tomorrow. — Martha and Darren



Weather: Mainly sunny with a high of 13°

Number: 6-2 . The score in the esports match between Atletico Ottawa vs HFX Wanderers. [eCPL]

Ottawan of the Day: Restaurateur Abbis Mahmoud, who has organised Operation Ramzieh, which brings food to elderly people and others who can’t easily and safely get to a grocery store [Ottawa Magazine]

Quote: “In times of increased stress and anxiety, we can forget the basics of protecting our mental health. We can still develop routines. We can focus on social contacts to keep connected to one another. We can focus on eating as healthfully as we can, trying to sleep well, getting some exercise and reaching out to other people who may be in need. Those are all of the protective factors of our mental health and they're particularly important in a time like this.” – clinical psychologist Dr. Susan Farrell who oversees a temporary virtual clinic at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre [CBC]


There have been 370 cases of COVID‌ 19 in Ottawa and six deaths.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association says Ottawa is over-policing regular citizens [Ottawa Citizen]

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Staff member infected at the Montfort Hospital [Ottawa Citizen]

Constitution experts question blocking movement between provinces and territories [CBC]

LRT‌ red vest ambassador infected [Ottawa Citizen]

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Baby, it’s cold inside
Winter testing for the LRT‌ was conducted indoors and via laboratory tests; not outside. This may be the least shocking news of the year. [CBC]

City furloughs 4000 workers
Furloughed city staff are not considered laid off and retain their positions, albeit unpaid, but are able to claim EI. [CBC]

Jed “Rocket” Rached
The Ottawa bluesman passes away [Ottawa Citizen]

Police settle decade-old wrongful arrest case
Elderly man was beaten in a home invasion. When he called the police, he was arrested and spent 75 days in jail. A claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board was rejected after the board heard testimony from Ottawa police Det. Leanne Blais, who said the man was guilty, even though he had been acquitted a year earlier. [Ottawa Citizen]

City Staff want Mayor to have sole authority on debt
Although the money has already been budgeted, council usually approves spending [Ottawa Citizen]



📚5pm Marcia Chatelain, author of Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America, reveals the untold history of how fast food became one of the greatest generators of black wealth in America. [Quarantine Book Club]


🎼 Ottawa musician Carl Schultz uploaded a new song, the slow blues ballad My Heart Won’t Tell Me [Facebook]

🎼Ottawa’s (in)famous home of the blues, the Rainbow Bistro opened in 1984 and has hosted local and international acts across musical genres ever since. Did you see the best show of your life there? Maybe you fell in love, or witnessed a classic bar fight. Whatever your memory, send it to [email protected]


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