What Ottawa is Talking About – 9 May 2022

9 May 2022

▪️The Lansdowne redevelopment plan was approved by The City’s Finance and Economic Development Committee. Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group has a plan for the City to build a new north stand at TD Place Stadium, and a new event space. The proposal makes a big deal of rental apartments and non-market housing but that's all 'next phase'. Council will look at it May 25.  [City of Ottawa]

+ Related Ottawa Bulldog has some questions about the Lansdowne proposal: If they don't build all 1200 apartments, do they still build 120 non-market homes? The City is not making a profit from the current retail businesses, why would this change with an expansion of retail? Has anyone checked if the air rights have any value? 

▪️The National Capital Commission is staying firm on keeping roads open to pedestrians and cyclists. The Commission closed several parkways to automobiles at the start of the pandemic, modifying it last year to re-allow cars after 1 pm and until 30 minutes past sunset on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. That schedule remains in 2022. A petition has been launched by car owners to take back the parkways. [CBC]

▪️The Ottawa Senators are not for sale says National Hockey League commissioner. Gary Bettman says the club is being professionally run and there is no urgency to sell it. The 19 and 23 year-old daughters of the late Eugene Melnyk now own the $525 million club. [CBC]

▪️Only five out of 41 items have been returns to Trucker siege protestors. Most of the items in police custody are things like generators, barbecues, and space heaters. People can claim items back if they can prove that it is your. [CBC]

▪️The City has recuperated the entire $558,000 that it sent to a scammer. The City was duped by email and sent the $588,000 to what it thought was the Salvation Army. The receiving bank froze the money and has now sent it back. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The UK Guardian ran this picture of Samson, a Yorkshire terrier, at his office in Ottawa. Apparently 18 per cent of Canadian workers 18 to 24 would change jobs if they were required to stop bringing in their pooch. [The Guardian]

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