What Ottawa is Talking About – 8 December 2021

8 December 2021

▪️An Ottawa man has been charged for worldwide cyberattacks. The man is accused of running ransomware attacks on computer systems, catching the attention of the FBI, Interpol, and Gatineau police. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️A couple has been running a taxi scam in Ottawa. Using a legitimate looking vehicle, the cab approaches people at shopping centres asking if they want a ride. At their destination, the operators say that COVID-19 rules mean that they can only accept a card. They then make a secret copy of the card's info and attempt to drain it later. the ottawan thinks that it should have been obvious as a scam the moment that the operator said that their card machine was working.  [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Newly appointed Kanata North ward councillor Cathy Curry has been placed on most of her predecessor’s committees. Curry was appointed to council after Jenna Sudds was elected Member of Parliament. Her new committees are finance, planning, transit commission, IT sub-committee, and the board of Hydro Ottawa. A vote to appoint Police Board chair Diane Deans to the finance committee did not pass. [CBC]

▪️Developer plans to renovate – and move – an 1874 building so it can build a 21 storey building. The Old Registry Office, a one-storey brick structure, would be moved into a a shopping component while its prime location would be turned into a residential tower. [Ottawa Business Journal]

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