What Ottawa is Talking About – 23 November 2021

23 November 2021

▪️306 square metres of sewage spilled out at Stanley Avenue and Keefer Street, Booth Street and Wellington Street, and on Kent Street yesterday. The brand new, $232 million sewer pipe system was in storage mode as work was done at the treatment plant. A faulty instrument let the chambers fill past capacity and then spill over. The system, when it works, is designed to prevent raw sewage from entering the Ottawa River.  [CBC]

▪️The Police Board had so many people speaking against increasing the police budget that it is extending the meeting to today. Dozens of people spoke against a $14 million increase in the police budget yesterday, preferring that the money was spent on mental health and housing programmes. The meeting will continue at 3:30 pm today. [CTV]

+ Related Campaigner opposed to increasing the police budget blockaded the entrance to the Highway 417 at Metcalfe Street in protest

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