What Ottawa is Talking About – 22 April 2022

19 April 2022

▪️The City has suggested 18 projects from the Federal Government’s active transportation fund. These include extending the Doug Thompson pathway to Kemptville, a handful of connections to the O-Train – although we didn't see the new Civic Hospital on there, new downtown bikeways, and many improvements to sidewalk accessibility. The total ask is around $55 million. [Ottawa Construction News

▪️The City has been suckered again by a scammer, this time for $558,000. City staff noticed the payment by a 'partner organization' last Monday and have notificed the bank and the police. In 2019, the City treasurer fell for a $130,000 scam which resulted in the prosecution of a man in Florida. [Ottawa Citizen]

+ Related Rideau Hall had a significant computer breach in December, so much that staff have been offered credit monitoring. Officials don't know what information was accessed. 

▪️Six potential designs have been proposed for  Wellington Street across from Parliament. (Pictures) The Federal Government now owns the entire block and wants to create a unique and dignified streetscape. Office space for the Commons and Senate are included in all designs. [CBC]

▪️We wrote nice things about the new Para Transpo app last week – but users are complaining that it doesn't allow for same day bookings. It's the same problem as ever – OC Transpo users can take transit whenever they want – meet with friends on a whim, take a different shift at work, etc. Para Transpo users must know in advance of everywhere they want to go, making them feel like second-class citizens. [CBC]

▪️Trucker siege co-organizer Pat King had two more charges added today: perjury and obstruction of justice. These were added because of the testimony that he gave at his own bail hearing last week. The details of that testimony are subject to a publication ban. King is also charged with mischief, intimidation, obstructing police and disobeying a court order. [Global]

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