What Ottawa is Talking About – 11 May 2022

11 May 2022

▪️Yikes – it looks like all of Ottawa is in a high tick area this year. The Province has released a map of where Lyme disease is prevalent in Ontario. Warmer winters mean the ticks survive the winter and continue their Eastward march. [Lyme disease Map] [What do about Ticks]

▪️RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki says the abandonment of Ottawa to the Truckers was not a failure of policing. Lucki was being questioned by Parliamentarians at a special joint committee investigating the invocation of the Emergencies Act. Senators and MPs on the panel questioned this attitude. [CBC]

▪️The City orders repairs to the Somerset Building and the bill to be sent to the delinquent owner. The heritage building on Bank Street partially collapsed 15 years ago and is considered an eyesore. Last year, the City delayed a decision on another project by the building's owner until he fixed Somerset House. The owner did no meaningful repairs. [CBC]

▪️Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustee Donna Blackburn tried to re-open bringing back police into the school system at yesterday's meeting. The Board ended the programme of having Ottawa Police posted to its schools, last year, due to longstanding complaints of police treating some students unfairly. The other trustees were not interested in reopening the issue. [Ottawa Citizen]

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