What Ottawa is Talking About – 10 September 2021

10 September 2021

▪️The CIty has released a draft law regulating tow trucks. Tow truck companies would annually pay $1,300 for a licence and $550 per truck. Tow costs would be fixed at $300 for a collision and $175 for a non-collision. The Community and Protective Services committee will meet September 16 to discuss the plan. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Ottawa Mission opens Chef Ric's inside the old Rideau Bakery. Chef Ric's is led by Ric Allen Watson, and offers training for the food industry, catering to the public, and grab-and-go food for the neighbourhood. The Ottawa Mission took over the Rideau Bakery space last year when the family who owned it offered it to the mission at a peppercorn rent. [CFRA]

▪️The Special Investigations Unit has cleared Ottawa Police over the death of Anthony AustAust was at home on bail for  firearms and drug charges when police burst into the 12th floor apartment, using a flash grenade. Aust lept from his bedroom window and died on impact. The Investigations Unit found that the the surprise warrant visit was valid as Aust had thrown a bag of fentanyl out before him and that the officers did not cause his jump. [CBC]

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